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On Site Machining

The Petro Engineering Power Services LLC in situ machining team develops and realizes solutions for mechanically sophisticated in place machining problems that cannot be solved by customers themselves, except with considerable extra efforts.

Our mobile machinery enables us to swiftly carry out all kinds of sophisticated mechanical work on site at locations worldwide.

Fields of use for our onsite machining services include primarily gas- and steam turbines and they range from ships and harbor cranes to chemical- and refinery companies. Our onsite machining services can principally be operated at any industrial application world wide.

We offer a wide range of on-site machining operations including blade sharpening, line boring, shaft machining, milling, drilling, grinding, pipe cutting, preparation of welds, honing and roller burnishing, processing of flange surfaces as well as pipe freezing, leakage sealing, hot taps, line stops etc.

For further information please contact our qualified and experienced in-situ machining team and benefit from our longtime expertise and flexibility. Save time and money with PEPS On-Site Machining Services!